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Introduction: Each manual gives you the help you need for your vehicle's sound system. It covers troubleshooting to locate problems and identify what needs to be repaired or replaced. It does not support non-factory system change outs but does give you guidelines on what you can do to upgrade. The information is useful to someone considering system change outs as it explains what's compatible with the factory equipment. It does not contain technical information such as schematics or internal component level repair. It does cover the stereo connector pin outs and what equipment can be easily added or changed to make the factory system better. Each manual is an extension of our website, to provide all the information we have concerning your vehicle.

Table of Contents

  1. Definitions
    Sometimes we use terms that mean different things, depending on the system set up and the vehicle. This defines how the terms are used in this manual, for this vehicle.
  2. System Layout
    What are all the pieces that make up this sound system.
    Location of the fuses, amps, and other components of this system.
  3. Troubles Identified
    Problems that we have repaired before, and the unit that needs repaired for that problem.
    Factory recalls

  4. The Stereo
    Problems and facts about this stereo (head unit). 
    Covers AM/FM static, and cassette problems.
    "I bought my car used, and it did not come with info about the codes? What should I do?"
    What indicates it needs the code?"
    "Is there a universal code? Is there a way I can bypass the code, and my stereo will work?"
    How do I find the code?"
    How do I enter the code and how many attempts do I have?"
    "The wrong code has been tried, and now it won't come on after I enter the correct code?"
    "The r
    adio asks for the “CODE” every time I turn on the ignition."
    How to verify that you have the correct code.
    You're entering it correctly, but it doesn't come on. This explains how to get it to work.
    Testing the Power to the stereo without a meter
    Testing the Power to the stereo with a meter
    Testing the Ground to the stereo
    Testing the Power to the stereo with a test light
    A good fuse can still be the problem
  5. CD Player
  6. CD Changer
    "Should I try to buy a used one to replace it?"
    "Should I replace it, repair it, or try to fix it myself?"
    Problems seen before.
    Error Codes and what they mean.
    How to manually eject the magazine / cartridge without breaking it.
    How to reset it to see if it will work without repair.
    "The CD cleaner disc did not help"
    "Someone told me I should try this."
  7. The Amp
    Descriptions, problems, and options concerning the amplifier.
    Changing out an amp. 
    "Can I use any amp when my Bose amp goes bad?"
    "Does this vehicle need the amp repaired?"
    "Where is the amp located?"
  8. The Speakers
    "Can I just buy speakers anywhere to replace this vehicles speakers?"
    "When my amps are going bad, can I just bypass them and wire directly to my Bose speakers?"
    "How long before the speakers go bad?"
    Known problems with the speakers.
    What is NOT a bad speaker.
    The signs of a bad speaker.
    One rarely known way to tell that a speaker is bad.
    Testing a speaker with a meter.
    Testing a speaker without a meter.
    Where to buy regular speakers and where to buy special factory speakers.
    Best way to purchase these speakers.
    What to do when the connectors aren't the same on the replacement speakers.

  9. The Antenna
    Symptoms and Indications that you have an antenna problem
    Symptoms and Indications that you do not have an antenna problem.
    Static in radio stations, antenna or stereo.
    Power antenna motor runs but antenna doesn't go up and down correctly.
    "What can I do to help it work?"
    Low cost fix it right - Where to purchase new one and instructions on how to install it.
    No cost fix - The free solution to quieting the motor and allows you to move it up and down. 

  10. Upgrades
    Define Upgrade - an honest definition of an upgrade.
    "What is compatible with this system?"
    Factory Stereo Replacement w/CD
    What not to buy as a replacement stereo.
    Common mistakes made by people without the correct information. 
    What equipment should I try to buy used?"
    "What is a good price to pay for it used?"
    "What equipment should I not buy used because it is not reliable?"
    Aftermarket Stereo Replacement
    The Steering wheel controls.
    Some upgrades for this vehicle - adding cd or changer.
    Where to get special items.
  11. Troubleshooting
    How to know if it is a bad stereo, bad amp, or the speaker.
    Addition ideas to help you find where problems are.
    One way to know where the problem is located
    The truth about having a loose wire 
    To verify if it is the speaker
  12. Connectors
    This manual does contain a photo of the stereo connector, with each pin labeled. It does not contain all the pin outs on this system. Wire colors and full vehicle schematics are in the vehicles service manual, which are available from the dealer at a much higher costs. That type of detailed information is outside the scope of these manuals. If we have the pin out information, we put it in this section to help. If you are only looking for pin out information, ask if the manual you're considering includes that information.
  13. Discount
    The cost of this manual is fully discounted off your next repair or product purchase. If you think you will be needing a repair or needing to purchase product, consider purchasing the manual first so it is included in the next purchase. Also realize that the guidance from the manual may change how you approach the problem you're having. It is very common for people to change what they want to do, once they have more information.



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Willman's Electronics makes every attempt to provide accurate information, but does not guaranty the products we recommend for compatibility. We regret any misinformation, however each consumer needs to do their own due diligence research to ensure proper installations. Each vendor has it's own application charts and product warranty. These charts need to be researched by the consumer for the exact vehicle.

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