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Civic Removal Tips

1996-2000 Civic

2000 Civic DX The radio doesn’t come out too quick & easy.

The trim under the radio needs to be moved to get to the bolts underneath he radio, then it all snaps out to the front.

Start by removing the two screws that are over the top of the cigarette (power port) lighter, (your Phillips screwdriver will be pointing straight up when you loosen these two. Now, open the glove box, you might want to empty it, and notice the two screws there that hold the piece that goes along under the radio and holds the power port. Those two have to come out and the best way to do it is to open the glove box all the way and notice inside the glove box where the stops are to stop the box from falling all the way open. If you push those in, you can get them past the piece of metal that stops them, and the door will hinge around towards the floor, then you can get to those 2 screws easy. Now, you have to unhook the other side too, the driver side. The piece that is right about the drivers’ right knee has to move from in front of the 2 screws on the left side. In the bottom right corner of that piece, kind of out in front of the gas pedal, remove that screw. Now the top corner above that screw just unsnaps by pulling it down, then you can get to the 2 screws behind that. Now, that bottom section that holds the power port can be moved a little bit out of your way and with a flashlight, or good lighting, you will see 3 of the 4 golden bolts that are under the radio. Unplug the connector to the back of the power port by squeezing and pulling off.  There are 4 there if you can look close at it, they are 5/16" and need to be removed. Once the 4 are out, the black plastic trim that goes around the A/C controls and the radio, and all that piece, will snap out to the front. I use a screwdriver and from under the radio, you can push it out to the front. You will have to unplug the top 3 of the 4 plugs that start with the hazard switch and go down, for the A/C controls. Once the assembly is in your hands, you’ll have to take the A/C control box off from the rear of it, there are 4 screws you can see, in order to get to the screws that bolt the radio from the sides.

2000 Civic EX

2000 Civic EX The radio also doesn’t come out too quick & easy.

Start by emptying the glove box and pushing in on the catches that stop the door from swinging all the way down. Press in an inch and it will swing all the way down. Also, remove the large panel that is under the steering wheel. This panel has 3 screws holding it then it unsnaps. With both left and right pieces moved, you can see where the panel under the stereo is that holds the cigarette lighter "power" socket is screwed on each side and 2 screws above the "power" port. Then that piece can be taken off, squeeze and unplug the power port connector on the back. With all that moved, by looking up under the radio you can see 4 gold bolts all facing straight up, under there holding metal braces. Remove those 4 bolts, now the whole stereo and surrounding A/C controls and that whole round assembly will come forward but only an inch or two because of the cables to the radio and to the A/C controls, also a connector at the top to the hazard switch. All these have to be unplugged in order for the assembly to slide on out (everything comes out together) All those connectors have a tab on them that you have to squeeze to pull out. Once assembly is in hand, you will see the 2 silver bolts on the right side that release the stereo from the bracket, but on the left side, you can't get to the 2 bolts because of the plastic piece that holds the A/C controls so it has to be removed from the area. It is held to the assembly by 3 screws that screw in from behind into the face-trim, once it is off, you can take out the 2 silver bolts and slide the stereo out to the front.

1996 Honda Civic EX or LX

Radio with tape deck mounted below

Open glove box and empty it, swing it down to the floor to expose screws on panel that goes below radio. Remove screws along the sides of the shifter all the way to the back where the armrest is. Once both sides screws are out, move those two pieces. Two screws up under in front of radio, right above power outlet. Also move the panel under the steering wheel as to expose the two screws on that side like what’s behind the glove box door on the right. Move the panel that the power outlet is on so you can get up from under the radio to loosen/remove the 2 silver bolts that hold the radio in from below.

If you want to move the separate tape deck or single cd player mounted there then unscrew the 4 screws that hold the tape deck and drink holder in. You'll have to slide the stereo forward in order to get to and unplug the cable to this unit, cd or tape.

1993-97 with radio cassette.

If the single CD Player was installed under the tape deck, there is no room so they added a different piece of the console to hold just the CD and a tray under it. If that is in there then it is quite involved to remove the CD or the Tape Deck also. Start by removing the 3 screws on each side of the CD console. Lift it off and notice, from the side with a light, that the CD is bolted on the back with 2 bolts, they have to be loosened I order for the CD to pull forward. (be careful, the metal is sharp, use an extension tool). Once the CD is able to be pulled forward out of the housing, it has a cable that runs to the back o the radio. In order to get o the plug in the back of the radio, you have to loosen the bolts that hold the radio in. With a Phillips or a 5/16" in the housing where the CD was, you can get to the 2 bolts. Once loosened, the radio slides forward and the cable can be unplugged. Just unplug the CD if that is all you need removed.