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Removal Instructions:

2003-2005 Accord

Here is a good website explaing removal http://www.cardomain.com/ride/561772/3 

This is not a simple removal, it can be done if you are mechanical and want to but it is a little involved. Should be able to do it in 20-30 minutes. These units have the large volume control right in the middle between the A/C controls. Also the stereo and the A/C use the same display. The display panel is the part of the dash that holds the display, the stereo, and A/C controls. What you'll need to do is pull the display panel from the dash and remove the stereo mechanism (the metal box holding the mechanics) from the backside of the display panel. The mechanics is what we call the stereo and what gets sent in for repair. Once you remove the stereo, then the display panel can stay attached and kept in the car so you still have A/C and Heater controls. Start by removing the top panel that goes from the top of the stereo, back to the bottom of the front windshield (the piece on top of the dash, right in the middle). It actually slides towards you and unsnaps. It is not a simple piece to remove. Honda has a tool that pulls on it. You may not need this tool or anything more then a regular screwdriver so I'll describe what we use (sometimes) at the end of this paragraph. On top of the dash by the window is a button on this dash panel, it is right in the middle of the top dash panel, near the lower edge of the windshield. If you can get a finger on this button, it may help you pull this panel. At the same time you are trying to slide the panel towards you, gently use a regular screwdriver on the sides near the front to force the panel towards you. Be careful not to scratch the plastic and try not to put too much force on the dash as you pry against it. Small marks will go away in time but large marks may not. I'm talking about when the dash dents from the screwdriver prying against it, make only light dents. Work the left and the right side until it comes loose. Take a look at the plastic claws that grab so you can see how it snaps back in there. This top panel doesn't need to be unplugged, just leave it up there. Now you can see the top three screws across the top of the display panel, remove the 3 screws. The top is now unscrewed, move to the bottom. Start the bottom by emptying the storage compartment. Notice the "shift lock" slot near the shifter, just to the left side of it. Once the little cover is popped off with regular screwdriver, it is the size of a key hole. Put the emergency brake on and use your key to push into the "shift lock" slot so you can pull the gear shifter into low (this is just to get it out of your way). You can use a key or even a screwdriver to push down the spring loaded "lock". Now, the plastic panel that goes around the lower shifter level just unsnaps with your regular screwdriver, gently unsnap it up and off. This exposes 2 screws in front of the ashtray to remove. The plastic ashtray under the rubber comes out. If the ashtray has a rubber inset glued inside it (which says on it "This is not an ashtray") then that rubber piece may need to come out first or you can try to pry up the plastic ashtray and leave the rubber inside it (we take the rubber out first) with your flathead screwdriver. Under the plastic ashtray are 2 more screws, then the ashtray mount w/lighter socket will come out. Now there are 2 more screws holding the bottom corners of the storage compartment, remove them. This compartment now will come straight out towards you after you unsnap the clips. The door needs to be closed so it is flipped down, not up. Use the screwdriver on both sides to gently force it towards you, and remove (keeping door closed until all the way out) With it out, you can now see the last 2 silver 5/16" bolts holding the bottom back corners of the stereo display panel in. They are pointing straight up and need to be removed with socket or short phillips screwdriver. With those 2 bolts out, the faceplate panel will now unsnap from the dash. Grab underside and gently pull towards you. If that doesn't work, pull harder until it unsnaps. With the panel loose, you can see the 2 bolts on each side of the mounting bracket holding the stereo in. Look it over before you start unhooking it. Some earlier models had a ribbon cable that unplugged from the backside of the display panel. Be sure that you don't see a white 1" wide ribbon cable to unplug stereo from the front panel coming off the mechanism. Most of these stereos have connectors built in that unplug as you pull it away from the front panel. Don't force the mounting brackets apart. You will have to loosen the 3 screws that hold the mounting brackets to the front on one of the sides so it allows the brackets to separate enough to slide the stereo out (or remove one side) Remember not to over tighten these screws into plastic - don't use drill, hand turn gently.

This tool actually works much better then the first one that we used to use described in the next chapter. I heard that Honda has a special tool that they stick inside of the vents in order to pull this dash section loose. We made our own tool out of a hanger, and you can too if you want. You don't need it to remove the top dash piece, but it makes it easier to pull it loose, less dash damage from prying the gaps. Here's how we do it: We took a thick metal hanger and cut it to about 20 inches, then bent it like like a U shape with the bottom curve only about 4 inches wide, this aloud for the other two longer ends to be about 8 inches each. Now we needed a hook on the ends so we bent it just about a half inch, so the ends are shaped like a tight V, so the tip is just bent back on itself. Both tips have to be shaped the same so it will pull evenly on both sides. Also, the hook doesn't have to be a deep bend directly back on itself (ours is actually bent back and towards each other some. Think of it this way, if you laid your new tool on a piece of cardboard and now you are going to slide the hooks off the far edge and hook the edge of the cardboard, and pull it towards you. This is what you will be doing with the plastic vent that is pressed inside the larger pipe, and it is slimmer then the cardboard example so no big hook is needed, just a thin hook. Now here is the important part. DO NOT PULL ON THE VENTS THEMSELVES, this will break them right out. You will stick the hooks into the vents on each side, hooks down, and going in on each, straddling the hazard switch. Go in threw the vent, not the bottom vent slot but the next one up. You are going to go about 4 inches deep and feel the joint in the plastic pipe that feeds the air vent. The vents actually have a pipe coming out the back and fitting into a larger pipe further back in the dash, so what you want to do is grab that seam and pull it out from inside of the larger pipe it is in. Once you have a good feel that the hooks are on the plastic seam, then use your other hand and help slide that top dash section towards you as you pull the hanger tool.

The tool to pull the top panel loose. We have taken a flat metal strapping with holes like you would mount an aftermarket stereo with in the back and bent it. We bent just the end 1 inch so it's curved like a "u". This allows you to put the "u" in the front, by the windshield, look through the front window so you can see where it grabs, and slide it under that front end. This will give you some leverage because you will be pulling it towards you (towards the rear of the car).


1998-2002 Honda Accord Radios

These have the dash piece that goes around the radio and AC controls. There are two screws along the bottom and one screw behind the clock that you can get to after the clock is snapped out. We pop the clock out by getting under the front bottom corner of the clock face and sliding a small regular screwdriver under it. At the same time, with a little larger regular screwdriver, you can put it in the middle along the bottom of the clock and twist it to unsnap the bottom of the clock. Once the screw that is behind the clock has been removed, and the 2 along the bottom edge, that plastic dash will unsnap. It can be hard to unsnap, especially along the top, you can see the snaps above where the screw behind the clock was. It will fight you, but it will unsnap when tugged on. Sometimes the metal clips will come off the plastic but not to be concerned, they just push back on. The best way to unplug the connector behind the stereo is with a regular screwdriver pressing down the tab and forcing out of the back of the stereo.

1993-97 Honda Accord Radios

These have the armrest between the front seats that hold cassette tapes and a bunch of stuff. Clean out this storage armrest and notice the door on the bottom of compartment. Using a regular screwdriver - remove that small door. Also remove the cup holder and it's door (cup holder just lifts out) Then remove the ashtray. Remove the two screws that are on bottom of armrest below the door and there is one more screw before armrest can be removed. It is at the front/top where the cup holder was, behind the shifter. You do not need to remove the screws below on bottom where cup holder was, just the one screw along top front edge.

Lift off armrest piece. 

There is one screw behind where ashtray was and two screws on top corners in back of shifter. Once those screws removed the plastic dash piece around the radio will unsnap and move aside to expose bolts that hold in radio along bottom/rear of radio.

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1990 - 1991 Honda Accord Radios without CD player

Remove the 4 or 6 screws that hold down the console piece that goes around the shifter and around the emergency brake on the 92's (they have 6 screws total). That plastic piece can be removed or pushed to passenger side so it's out of the way. Then pull out the ashtray and remove the three screws that hold the plate above ashtray, this will expose the two bolts that hold in radio along bottom (5/16 or short Phillips). Once those bolts have been loosened, the radio will pull out to the front.

On a 1992, where the console goes all the way back between the seats and around the brake, it has a total of 6 screws that hold it down. You have to pull the brake up hard/far as you can, also 2 screws at the back which you can see easily from backseat if front seats are slid all the way to the front. Then, sliding the front seats all the way back, then tilting backrest onto back seat, this will allow the console to just clear over the brake. Then the 3 screws in plate above ashtray and you can see the 2 bolts that hold stereo in as above paragraph.

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1990 - 1992 Honda Accord Radios with Single CD Player

These have a screw on each side on back of radio. You can see the  screws by looking up behind with your head down by the floor board and using a flashlight. Loosen gold screw with large Phillips screwdriver and radio/cd will pull out to the front.


1980-1989 ACCORD Radios

These radios are all hooked in with 2 screws along the bottom/rear of the radio. You can see these two screws by looking up behind or by removing ashtray and the metal bracket that holds ashtray. 89-90  Accords, just move plastic box under radio to make room for screwdriver.

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